Imagine all of the social media platforms rolled into one.

Start with free speech, and then add responsibility. Then, what if we paid you with a new cryptocurrency to create, share, like, dislike and comment?

That's YAFFTR!

Bark. Don't Bite. ™


Bill White


YAFFTR Limited is owned by Mayside Partners Limited, a Scottish-based venture capital firm, owned by Bill White. YAFFTR is under development so this website will be updated often.

YAFFTR Coin will be the accepted currency on our platform. Users will be paid to post, share, like, dislike, comment, and create. Whether you're a video creator, sharing photos or posts with your friends and family, or just expressing your point of view, you'll get paid. You can hold your YAFFTR Coin in your wallet or withdraw the entire balance or any amount through a number of different options, including gold bullion (1gm minimum). Speculators will be welcome, but we believe that simply using YAFFTR will be incentive enough to buy, trade, and hold YAFFTR Coin!

If you'd like to know more about YAFFTR, you can currently follow us in the Community via any or all of the following DiscordGithub

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Jewish (רם בן זאב) Ram ben Ze'ev and born in the United States, Bill has lived in the UK since 1989. He is CEO of Mayside Partners Limited.